My Train to Freedom: A Jewish Boy’s Journey from Nazi Europe to a Life of Activism

The breathtaking memoir by a member of “Nicky’s family,” a group of 669 Czechoslovakian kids who escaped the Holocaust via Sir Nicholas Winton’s Kindertransport project, My Train to Freedom relates the trials and achievements of Ivan Backer, an award-winning humanitarian and a former Episcopal priest.



In this audiobook: As Backer recounts in his memoir, in May of 1939 as a ten-year-old Jewish boy, he fled Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia for the UK aboard one of the Kindertransport trains organized by Nicholas Winton, a young London stockbroker. The last train was canceled on September 1 when Hitler invaded Poland. The 250 kids scheduled for that train had been left on the platform and later transported to concentration camps and presumably perished.

Detailed in this page-turning true story is Backer’s dangerous escape, his boyhood in England, his perilous 1944 voyage to the United States, and his mantra today. Now he’s an 86-year-old who remains an activist for peace and justice. He has been influenced by his Jewish heritage, his Christian boarding school education in England, and the always present question, “For what purpose was I spared the Holocaust?”

My Train to Freedom was thoroughly researched and shaped by Backer’s personal recollections. It contains interviews he conducted in 1980 in Czech with his mom and her sister, later translated into English; a collection of conversations he had with his older brother and cousin; insights gained from the Czech movie, Nicky’s Family, in regards to the Kindertransport; and concludes with never-before-published death march accounts by two family members.


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