Theory Of Everything – Stephen Hawking – Unabridged Audiobook

The (late) Stephen Hawking makes an attempt to elucidate complex and sophisticated mathematical concepts in an unsophisticated, maybe childlike (however charming) approach. He briefly covers the historical past of concepts in regards to the universe from Aristotle, Newton, Augustine, Hubble, Einstein, and Feynman. He then explains the Big Bang, space-time, and black holes and incorporates these concepts into the search for a unified theory of everything. Though Hawking doesn’t announce the arrival of the Theory of Everything, he does explain, in easy metaphors, the flavor of what such a theory would encompass.


This audiobook consists of a compilation of a number of lectures by the great and (late) Stephen Hawking. In a series of 7 lectures, Stephen Hawking describes the historical past of the universe as we know it. Hawking begins with the history of concepts about the universe, from Aristotle’s view of the Earth; that it’s spherical to Hubble’s discovery two millennia later that our universe is growing.

Everybody who has ever gazed into the night skies questioning how the cosmos came to be, will take pleasure in this new exploration drive-by Hawking, concluding with his proposal for a “unified theory of everything”.

Hawking presents a much more comprehensive look than before at our beautiful universe, its creation, and the way we see ourselves in it. Think about yourself sitting in a comfortable room listening to Hawking’s newest theories getting discussed and placed in historic context with science’s different vital achievements–quite like listening to Christopher Columbus delivers the news concerning the new world!

One of many more essential ideas of his involves the concept the “beginning” of the universe doesn’t necessarily imply a singularity (or in holistic phrases, a oneness). If we want to maintain consistency with quantum mechanics (the most successful scientific theory so far) then a no-boundary condition would best describe the start. Evidently, this contradicts many religious concepts about a creation (though he empathizes that these concepts represent only a proposal).

Hawking used to represent probably the most brilliant theoretical scientists of our time. He advocates the thought of communicating the concepts of theoretical science in a way to make it comprehensible, in principle, to everybody, not just scientists. Hawking had an acute awareness of the religious impact of his theoretical research and explains in a transparent but inoffensive approach that the universe doesn’t conform to the widespread perception of an all-powerful Creator.

NOTE: This audiobook contains both the versions, one read by Stephen Hawkings himself and the other read by Michael York.


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