The Summer House – Audiobook

Audiobook Details

Authors: James Patterson, Brendan DuBois

Format: MP3

Length: 10 hours and 19 minutes

Publisher: Hachette Audio

Publication Date: June 08, 2020

Language: English



When seven homicide victims are present in a small city, the murder investigation shakes a small-city sheriff to her core in James Patterson’s tense thriller.

Once an expensive Southern getaway on a country lake, then decreased to a dilapidated crash pad, the Summer House is now the grisly scene of a nighttime mass homicide. Eyewitnesses level to 4 Army Rangers – often called the Night Ninjas – just lately returned from Afghanistan.

To be certain that justice is finished, the Army sends Major Jeremiah Cook, a veteran and former NYPD cop, to analyze. But the key and his elite workforce arrive in sweltering Georgia with no thought their grim jobs will probably be made exponentially more difficult by native legislation enforcement, who resists the Army’s intrusion and stonewall them at each flip.

As Cook and his squad wrestle to uncover the reality behind the condemning proof, the items simply will not match – and forces are rallying to make sure damning secrets and techniques die alongside the victims within the homicide home. With his personal individuals within the cross-hairs, Cook takes a determined gamble to seek out solutions – even when it means returning to a hell of his personal worst nightmares….

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