The MAGA Doctrine – Audiobook

Audiobook Details

  • Author: Charlie Kirk
  • Narrator: Timothy McKean
  • Format: MP3
  • Length: 6 hrs and 33 mins
  • Pulisher: HarperAudio
  • Publication Date: March 03, 2020
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07WTF58QQ, B07QQ35941
  • ISBN-10: 1094116238, 0062974688
  • ISBN-13: 978-1094116235, 978-0062974686


The MAGA Doctrine (audiobook) comes highly recommended! The motion that brought Donald Trump to the White House has much better concepts than the old right or the brand-new left. It’s time that the rest of America began listening.

The Tea Party started as a demonstration for patriots who feared Big Government. President Trump has actually ended up being a hero for patriots who protest Big Everything. Fed up with Silicon Valley, the media, liberal college, the military-commercial complex, Twitter mobs, overload beasts, Big Pharma, out-of-control district attorneys, and weapon-getting fascists, regular Americans miss out on the days when America appreciated guideline of individuals, by the individuals, and for individuals.

Remember when you didn’t feel bombarded on all sides by seaside billionaires and their federal government stooges? The MAGA Doctrine prompts a past due remediation of self-guideline by a population long considered given by its rulers. Turning Point USA creator and social networks super star Charlie Kirk describes at last why a New York property mogul discovered an audience amongst young conservatives all over the nation. Trump and his allies are working to safeguard all the little things that both celebrations dismissed: regional services, households, churches, and the rights of the person. Kirk describes why it took a truth TELEVISION super star to see past the sclerotic and power-starving organizations, from the United Nations and Google to Harvard and Viacom, working to squash genuine America.

The MAGA Doctrine is everything about offering you a state in the future of America and a hand in making it take place. As the mainstream media keep producing lies about the “genuine factors” behind the brand-new conservative program, Charlie Kirk’s The MAGA Doctrine is an effective pointer of the real story of flexibility and achievement that swept Donald Trump to the presidency.


“Charlie Kirk is a fighter and leader in the Trump movement, and his new audiobook, The MAGA Doctrine, will inspire the next generation to Make America Great Again.” — Sarah Huckabee Sanders)

“The MAGA Doctrine (audiobook) is a must by the laser-focused Charlie Kirk, who more than anyone has gotten empowered young people to support making America great.” — Judge Jeanine Pirro)

“I am often astonished at how few in Washington understand the MAGA base. This is the audiobook to understand the ideas that motivate President Trump and the rest of us!” — Congressman Matt Gaetz

“If you love America and support this president, if you want to explain to your snowflake friends what is happening in politics today, and if you want to defend President Donald Trump—this audiobook is a MUST-LISTEN!” — Donald J. Trump, Jr.



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