The Great Influenza – Audiobook

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Author: John M. Barry

Format: MP3

Length:  19 hours and 26 minutes

Publisher: Penguin Audio

Publication Date: January 01, 2006

Language: English

ASIN: B000F2C6Y6

$20.99 $5.00

No illness the world has actually ever understood even from another location looks like the great influenza epidemic of 1918. Presumed to have actually started when ill stock contaminated soldiers in Kansas, dispersing and altering into a deadly stress as soldiers brought it to Europe, it blew up throughout the world with unrivaled ferocity and speed. It eliminated more individuals in 20 weeks than AIDS has actually eliminated in 20 years; it eliminated more individuals in a year than the plagues of the Middle Ages eliminated in a century. Victims bled from the ears and nose, turned blue from absence of oxygen, suffered pains that seemed like bones being broken, and passed away. In the United States, where bodies were stacked without caskets on trucks, almost 7 times as many individuals passed away of influenza as in the First World War.

In his effective brand-new book, award-winning historian John M. Barry unfolds a tale that is magisterial in its breadth and in the depth of its research study, and spellbinding as he weaves numerous narrative hairs together. In this very first great accident in between science and epidemic illness, even as society approached collapse, a handful of brave scientists advance, risking their lives to face this unusual illness. Titans like William Welch at the recently formed Johns Hopkins Medical School and associates at Rockefeller University and others from around the nation changed American science and public health, and their operate in this crisis caused vital discoveries that we are still utilizing and gaining from today.

Now with a brand-new afterword.


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