The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower – Audiobook

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Authors: Stephen King

Format: MP3

Length: 28 hours and 50 minutes

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio

Publication Date: September 16, 2004

Language: English



All advantages need to concern an end, Constant Listener, and not even Stephen King can compose a story that goes on permanently. The tale of Roland Deschain’s ruthless mission for the Dark Tower has, the author worries, sorely attempted the perseverance of those who have actually followed it from its earliest chapters. But address it a while longer, if it pleases you, for this volume is the last, and typically the last things are best.

Roland’s ka-tet stays undamaged, though spread over wheres and whens. Susannah-Mia has actually been brought from the Dixie Pig (in the summertime of 1999) to a birth space (actually a chamber of scaries) in Thunderclap’s Fedic Station; Jake and Father Callahan, with Oy in between them, have actually gotten in the dining establishment on Lex and 61st with weapons drawn, little understanding how various and poisonous are their opponents. Roland and Eddie are with John Cullum in Maine, in 1977, trying to find the website on Turtleback Lane where “walk-ins” have actually been typically seen. They desire frantically to return to the others, to Susannah specifically, and yet they have actually pertained to understand that the world they require to leave is the just one that matters.

Thus the audiobook opens, like a door to the uttermost reaches of Stephen King’s creativity. You’ve come this far. Come a little further. Come all the method. The noise you hear might be the slamming of the door behind you. Welcome to The Dark Tower.


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