The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah – Audiobook

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Authors: Stephen King

Format: MP3

Length: 14 hours and 9 minutes

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio

Publication Date: June 14, 2004

Language: English



The next-to-last unique in Stephen King’s 7-volume magnum opus, Song of Susannah is an interesting secret to the unfolding secret of the Dark Tower.

To bring to life her “chap”, devil-mom Mia has actually taken over the body of Susannah Dean and utilized the power of Black Thirteen to transfer to New York City in the summertime of 1999. The city is unusual to Susannah…and frightening to the “child of none” who shares her mind and body.

Saving the Tower depends not just on saving Susannah however likewise on protecting the uninhabited lot Calvin Tower owns prior to he loses it to the Sombra Corporation. Enlisting the help of Manni senders, the staying ka-tet reaches the Doorway Cave…and finds that magic has its own mind. It is up to the young boy, the billy bumbler, and the fallen priest to discover Susannah-Mia, who in a battle to cope, with each other and with an alien environment, “go todash” to Castle Discordia on the border of End-World. In that abandoned location, Mia exposes her origins, her function, and her strong desire to mom whatever animal the 2 of them have actually reached term.

Eddie and Roland, on the other hand, topple into western Maine in the summertime of 1977, a world that needs to be picturesque however isn’t. For something, it is genuine, and the bullets are flying. For another, it is occupied by the author of an unique called Salem’s Lot, an author who ends up being as stunned by them as they are by him.


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