The Chimp Paradox – Audiobook

Audiobook Details

  • Author: Dr. Steve Peters
  • Format: MP3
  • Length: 9 hours and 53 minutes
  • Publisher: Gildan Media, LLC
  • Publication Date: June 18, 2013
  • Language: English


Your inner Chimp can be your friend or your worst opponent… this is the Chimp Paradox. Do you undermine your own joy and success? Are you having a hard time to understand yourself? Do your feelings in some cases determine your life? Dr. Steve Peters describes that all of us have a being within our minds that can ruin every element of our lives – be it company or individual. He calls this being “the chimp,” and it can work either for you or versus you. The difficulty comes when we attempt to tame the chimp, and convince it to do our bidding.

The Chimp Paradox includes an exceptionally effective mind management design that can assist you be better and much healthier, increase your self-confidence, and end up being a more effective individual. This audiobook will assist you to acknowledge how your mind is working, comprehend and handle your feelings and ideas, and end up being the individual you want to be. Dr. Peters describes the battle that occurs within your mind and after that reveals you how to use this understanding. Once you’re equipped with this brand-new understanding, you will have the ability to use your chimp for great, instead of letting your chimp run widespread with its own program.


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