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  • Authors: John Slater, Marialuz Lopez-Terrada, Jose Pardo-Tomas
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  • Format: PDF
  • Length: 326 pages
  • Publisher: Routledge
  • Publication Date: April 29, 2016
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1472428137
  • ISBN-13: 9781472428134

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Early trendy Spain was a world empire during which an astonishing selection of medical cultures got here into contact and sometimes battle, with each other. Spanish troopers, ambassadors, sailors, missionaries and emigrants of every kind carried with them to the farthest reaches of the monarchy their very own concepts about illness and well being. These concepts have been, then, influenced by native cultures. This quantity narrates the story of encounters amongst medical cultures in the early trendy Spanish empire. The twelve chapters draw upon a broad selection of sources, starting from drama, poetry, and sermons to broadsheets, chronicles, journey accounts, and Inquisitorial paperwork; and it surveys an incredible regional scope, from Mexico to the Canary Islands, the Iberian Peninsula, Germany, and Italy. Together, these essays supply a brand new interpretation of the circulation, reception, appropriation, and elaboration of concepts and practices associated to illness and well being, monstrosity, intercourse, and dying, in a historic second marked by steady cross-pollination amongst establishments and populations with a determined stake in the functioning and management of the human physique. Finally, the quantity reveals how medical cultures supplied demographic, analytical, and even geographic instruments that constituted a particular type of map of data and follow, upon which have been plotted: the native utilities of pharmacological discoveries; cures for social unrest or decline; areas for political and institutional battle; and progressing understandings of monstrousness and normativity. Medical Cultures of the Early Modern Spanish Empire, (PDF) places the historical past of early trendy Spanish drugs on a brand new standing in the English-speaking world.


The e book is drawn collectively in an epilogue by William Eamon. He factors out that Spain was completely different to the relaxation of Europe, however that Spain additionally made a distinction to the broader scientific revolution that happens in the Renaissance. In abstract, this e book encourages readers to discover a broader style of supply supplies than is conventionally the case.” — Robert Weston, The University of Western Australia

The essays are geographically and topically numerous, extending from Spaniards amongst humanist circles in mid-sixteenth-century Trent to a pure historical past of hypertrichosis to a examine of astrological drugs in Golden Age drama. This range brings to the dialogue extra actors and extra voices whose issues with the human physique spotlight rivalry and collaboration throughout political, authorized, spiritual, literary, and medical frameworks…This quantity efficiently serves to open communications inside the area, to convey collectively remoted voices from completely different disciplines from drugs to theater to politics, and to pose new questions on early trendy Spanish drugs.” — Michele L. Clouse, Ohio University, Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Vol 90:1

The e book’s core accomplishment is to convey ahead a various vary of medical representations supplied by means of an eclectic consideration of narrative texts starting from the imagined to the scientific… the chapters are unified by a constant consciousness of the want for deep interdisciplinary engagement with the formation of discourses about drugs inside the early trendy Spanish Empire. Overall, the e book is a high quality contribution to scholarship which might profitably be emulated in different fields of cultural, Empire, and medical humanities to be able to shut the gaps in our understanding of the views, tales and experiences of colonized peoples and their quite a few medical cultures.” — Chisomo Kalinga, University of Edinburgh, British Society for Literature and Science

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