Masterclass: Bob Woodward Teaches Investigative Journalism – Video Course

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  • Instructor: Bob Woodward
  • Number of Video Files: 24
  • File Format: Video (MP4)
  • Number of PDF files: 1
  • Total Size: 2+ GB
  • Can it be saved to your cloud: Yes (via Google Drive)

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In 24 video lessons, find out how to discover the reality from the best reporter of our time, Bob Woodward. His 1st ever masterclass is prepared!

Find the real story

Bob Woodward was simply 29 when he altered a country. His Watergate reporting with Carl Bernstein assisted expose the corruption of the Nixon presidency. 2 Pulitzer Prizes and 19 finest-selling books later on, the famous reporter is teaching his 1st-ever online class for anybody who wishes to discover the reality. Learn to examine a story, interview sources, and comprehend how the news is composed. The next history-making story may be yours.


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