Chemistry: The Central Science in SI Units (14th Edition) – eBook

For courses in 2-semester general chemistry.

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  • Authors:  Thedore L. Brown, H. Eugene LeMay, Bruce, E. Bursten, Catherine J. Murphy, Patrick M. Woodward, Mathew W. Stoltzfus
  • File Size: 41 MB
  • Format: PDF
  • Length: 1198 pages
  • Publisher: Pearson Education Limited; 14th edition (global)
  • Publication Date: November 18, 2017
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: 1292221224
  • ISBN-10: 1292221229
  • ISBN-13: 9781292221229

$175.35 $20.00

Accurate, data-driven authorship with expanded interactivity leads to greater student engagement

Unrivaled problem sets, notable scientific currency and accuracy, and remarkable clarity have made Chemistry: The Central Science in SI units 14th edition (global) the leading general chemistry textbook for more than a decade. Innovative, trusted, and calibrated, the textbook increases conceptual understanding and leads to greater college student success in general chemistry by building on the expertise of the dynamic author team of leading researchers and award-winning teachers.

In this new 14th global edition, the author team draws on the wealth of student data in MasteringChemistry to identify where science students struggle and strives to perfect the clarity and effectiveness of the text, the art, and the exercises while addressing chemistry student misconceptions and encouraging thinking about the practical, real-world use of chemistry.  New levels of student interactivity and engagement are made possible through the enhanced eText 2.0 and Mastering Chemistry, providing seamlessly integrated videos and personalized learning throughout the course .

Also available with Mastering  Chemistry (sold separately)

Mastering Chemistry is the leading online tutorial, homework, and engagement system, designed to improve results by engaging science students with vetted content. The enhanced eText 2.0 and Mastering Chemistry work with the ebook to provide seamless and tightly integrated videos and other rich media and assessment throughout the course. Instructors can assign interactive media before class to engage chemistry students and ensure they arrive ready to learn. College students further master concepts through ebook-specific Mastering Chemistry assignments, which provide hints and answer-specific feedback that build problem-solving skills.  With Learning Catalytics teachers can expand on key concepts and encourage chem student engagement during lecture through questions answered individually or in pairs and groups. Mastering Chemistry now provides students with the new General Chemistry Primer for remediation of chemistry and math skills needed in the general chemistry course.

NOTE: Only PDF included. No online sources codes included. If you are looking for the North American edition of this book, click here.


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