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  • Author: Tom O’Neill, Dan Piepenbring
  • Format: MP3
  • Length: 16 hours and 15 minutes
  • Publisher: Hachette Audio
  • Publication Date: June 25, 2019
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07S84VPXK

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A reporter’s 20-year fascination with the Manson murders results in stunning brand-new discoveries about the FBI’s participation in this captivating reassessment of a notorious case in American history.

Over 2 grim nights in Los Angeles, the young fans of Charles Manson killed 7 individuals, consisting of the starlet Sharon Tate, then 8 months pregnant. With no grace and relatively no intention, the Manson Family followed their leader’s every order – their criminal activities lit a flame of fear throughout the country, spelling completion of the 60s. Manson turned into one of history’s most notorious wrongdoers, his name permanently connected to an age when charlatans blended with prodigies, extracurricular relations was as possible as brainwashing, and paradise – or dystopia – was simply an acid journey away.

Twenty years back, when reporter Tom O’Neill was reporting a publication piece about the murders, he stressed there was absolutely nothing brand-new to state. Then he uncovered stunning proof of a cover-up behind the “main” story, consisting of authorities negligence, legal misbehavior, and possible security by secret agent. When a tense interview with Vincent Bugliosi – district attorney of the Manson Family, and author of Helter Skelter – turned a friendly source into a bane, O’Neill understood he was onto something. But every discovery brought more concerns:

  • Who were Manson’s genuine pals in Hollywood, and how far would they go to conceal their ties?
  • Why didn’t police, consisting of Manson’s own parole officer, act upon their numerous opportunities to stop him?
  • And how did Manson-an illiterate ex-con-turn a group of tranquil hippies into remorseless killers?

O’Neill’s mission for the reality led him from reclusive celebs to experienced spies, from San Francisco’s summer season of love to the shadowy websites of the CIA’s mind-control experiments, on a path swarming with dubious cover-ups and suspicious coincidences. The item of twenty years of reporting, numerous brand-new interviews, and lots of never ever-prior to-seen files from the LAPD, the FBI, and the CIA, CHAOS installs an argument that might be, according to Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Steven Kay, strong enough to reverse the decisions on the Manson murders. This is a book that reverses our understanding of an essential time in American history.

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