Calculus with CalcChat and CalcView – 11th edition – eTextBook

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  • Authors: Ron Larson, Bruce H. Edwards
  • File Size: 130 MB
  • File Format: PDF
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning (2018); 11th edition
  • ISBN-10: 1337275344 / 1337286885
  • ISBN-13: 978-1337286886/ 978-1337275347 /


Calculus with CalcChat and CalcView 11th edition PDF, also called the AP edition, or the MindTap Course List series edition (they are exactly the same except the cover and some page numbering). The Ron Larson’s Calculus program has a long history of innovation in the calculus market. It has been widely praised by a generation of college students and teachers and for its effective and solid pedagogy that addresses the needs of a broad range of teaching, learning styles and environments. Each title is just one component in a comprehensive calculus course program that carefully integrates and coordinates print, media, and technology products for successful teaching and learning. For use in or out of the classroom. Absolutely the best book for calculus.

Note: This is the standalone PDF book does not include any online access card or code.

About The Authors

Dr. Bruce H. Edwards is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Florida. Professor Edwards received his B.S. in Mathematics from Stanford University and his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Dartmouth College. He taught maths at a university near Bogotá, Colombia, as a Peace Corps volunteer. While teaching at the University of Florida, Professor Edwards has won many teaching awards, including Teacher of the Year in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the University of Florida Honors Program Teacher of the Year, and the Liberal Arts and Sciences Student Council Teacher of the Year. He was selected by the Office of Alumni Affairs to be the Distinguished Alumni Professor for 1991-1993. Professor Bruce has taught a variety of mathematics courses at the University of Florida, from 1st-year calculus to graduate-level classes in algebra and numerical analysis. He has been a frequent speaker at research conferences and meetings of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.Edwards has also coauthored a wide range of award winning mathematics books with Dr. Ron Larson.

Dr. Ron Larson is a professor of mathematics at The Pennsylvania State University, where he has taught since 1970. He received his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Colorado and is considered the pioneer of using multimedia to enhance the learning of mathematics, having authored over thirty software titles since 1990. Dr. Ron conducts numerous seminars and in-service workshops for maths educators around the country about using computer tech as an instructional tool and motivational aid. Dr. Larson authors numerous textbooks including the best-selling Calculus series published by Cengage Learning.


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