American Education (Sociocultural, Political, and Historical Studies in Education) 18th edition

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Featuring current information and challenging perspectives on the latest issues and forces shaping the American educational system ― American Education (Sociocultural, Political, and Historical Studies in Education) 18th edition ― with scholarship that is often cited as a primary source, author Joel Spring introduces readers to the historical, political, legal and social foundations of education and to the profession of teaching in the United States of America. In his signature straightforward, concise approach to describing complex issues, Joel illuminates events and topics that are often whitewashed or overlooked, giving college students the opportunity to engage in critical thinking about education. College students come away informed on the latest issues, topics, and data and with a strong knowledge of the forces shaping the American educational system.

Thoroughly updated throughout, the 18th edition of this clear, authoritative text remains fresh and up to date, reflecting the many changes in education that have occurred since the publication of the older edition. Topics and issues addressed and analyzed include:

  • Increasing emphasis on for-profit education, vouchers, charter schools and free-market competition between schools, expected to surge with the appointment of the new U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos
  • The decline of the Common Core State Standards, particularly as result of a Republican-controlled administration currently in place
  • The purposes of education as presented in the 2016 platforms of the Republican, Democratic, Green, and Libertarian parties
  • New education statistics on school enrollments, dropouts, education and income, school segregation, charter schools and home languages
  • Current debates about immigration and “Dreamers”―new statistics on immigrant education, discussion of education proposals to accommodate the languages, cultures and religions of newly arrived immigrants
  • Discussions around transgender students

About the Author

Joel Spring is Professor at City University/Queens College of New York and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, USA.


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