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50 Essays: A Portable Anthology by Samuel Cohen – 5th Edition – eBook , ,

50 Essays: A Portable Anthology is one of the best-selling value-priced reader in the country because its virtues do not stop at the price. The ebook’s carefully chosen selections include both classic essays and high-curiosity, high-quality modern readings to truly engage college students. The editorial apparatus is versatile and unobtrusive enough to assist a variety of approaches to teaching composition. In its 5th edition, 50 Essays continues to help students acquire the critical thinking and academic writing abilities they need to succeed, with out making a dent in their wallets.

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  • I got this e-book for a college class, and was pleasantly surprised to find its content not only useful to college students but also appealing to the average reader. The essays span a wide variety of time periods, authors (both well-known and obscure!), and outlooks; however, the prevailing theme appears to be one of social issues, both present and historical. I highly recommend this e-book to anyone who would like to gain a better grasp of exactly what essays are all about. As an aside, the indexing is extensive and amazingly thorough.

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