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Best software for writers is important for all texts since it can give users real benefits compared to the default programs. Experts from Tricension – software company from Kansas City, Missouri notice many benefits of using software for writers, which include:

  • Devoid of disruptions – free apps offer writers disruption free modes that help users to focus solely on the text.
  • Different types of content – as an academic writer you should format and arrange the text. Specialized programs can help you with that.
  • Better productivity – apps provide autosave, word count and so on.
  • Easy integration– almost all software for writers offer cloud backup.

Best software for writers include:

1. SmartEdit

It is the best free software for writers who are afraid of big changes. It only adds some essential benefits, which fail within the originally integrated editing software. For instance, it draws the attention of writers to repeated words, especially adverbs, and helps to improve standard features for error-checking to include not only spelling and grammar, but also conflicting word usage. This app will also notice foreign terms, clichés and (when needed) foul language, offering users the idea of the paper in general.

2. FocusWriter

It was created to get rid of all possible disruptions, so you might focus on writing. This writing app customizes the way text appears on the screen, hides other programs, monitors the progress and sets alarms and timers. It is a very helpful app that saves writers from procrastination.

3. Scrivener

This is one of the most favored writing programs for PC. It offers users with enhanced editing and fascinating additional features, but its main benefit is the ability to gather all the important files in one location. Internet pages, charts, images, references and diagrams might be compiled together since Scrivener identifies that they are parts of one writing project. For academic writers who open about three programs to view relevant information (while focusing on a research paper, for example) this is a wonderful feature. That is the advantage of this program as it lets writers to organize the digital workspace. It’s offers a free trial that will make you decide whether you like the program.

4. WriteMonkey

This is another free disruption program with lots of beneficial features, such as auto-save, easy formatting and word count. The app lets writers add footnotes, classify and link, while nothing disrupts them from work. This free writing software for Windows offers an amazingly bare user interface, which is a lot more powerful than it appears.

5. WriteItNow


Source: WriteItNow

WriteItNow combines the organizational abilities and user-friendliness of Scrivener with numerous compelling additional features. Their character tab is the most interesting, which lets amazingly detailed character building. It includes helping writers develop compelling character arcs, the ability to give behaviors numerical values and character traits, and encourages consistency. It also lets you download name sets based on time periods and locations, and will select the right character name depending on the writer’s parameters. The same functions can be found for tracking timelines and adding notes; the ‘events graph’ feature even lets you look at different strands of the plot as they are experienced by different characters.

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WriteItNow has an extensive thesaurus function and consists of relevant Encyclopedia articles, rhymes, and quotes to provide you with options as you write. An important feature is that it can export files in EPUB, PDF, RTF, and HTML, and also to Microsoft Word. This makes repurposing your work easy, with just a couple of steps between a document, you can view one on an eReader, and your friends can print out another.

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