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"No two persons ever read the same book"

Edmund Wilson

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"A book is a dream that you hold in your hand"

Neil Gaiman

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"In a good book the best is between the lines"

Swedish Proverb

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"There is no friend as loyal as a book"

Ernest Hemingway

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"Classic: a book which people praise and don't read"

Mark Twain

Author of the Month And his/her Bestsellers

Vince Flynn

Vince Flynn One of the best selling authors!

Vincent “Vince” Flynn (6 April, 1966 – 19 June, 2013) was an American author of political thriller and espionage novels. He also served as a story consultant for the 5th season of the television series 24. He died on19th June, 2013, after a 3 year struggle with prostate cancer. Flynn wrote 13 novels and was writing the 14th one when he passed away. Kyle Mills was selected to finish that novel. Click here to see his Wikipedia page

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Really love the simple layout of the website. Although the choices in books are very limited, the bargains are awesome!